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The electrifying debut of the first all-electric luxury sedan, the 2022 EQS, paved the way for the emergence of Mercedes-Benz All-Electric Models. Go further – you can now build your own customized All-Electric Vehicles from Mercedes-Benz. Looking to the future, the EQS combines electric mobility and comforting space with an optional third row for up to seven seats. The EQE raises the bar as an executive sedan, assisting the driver with navigation, including charging points, and circulating clean air throughout the cabin with ENERGIZING AIR CONTROL® Plus.

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The Electric Lineup

EQE Sedan

MSRP: $74,900
Range: 410 miles
Acceleration: 5.6 seconds
Battery Capacity: 90.6 kWh


MSRP: $104,400
Range: 305 miles
Storage: Over 70 cubic feet
Battery Capacity: 108.4 kWh

EQS Sedan

MSRP: $102,310
Range: 350 miles
Acceleration: 5.9 seconds
Battery Capacity: 107.8 kWh

EQB Sedan

MSRP: $54,500
Range: 243 miles
Storage: 62 cubic feet
Seats: Up to 7

AMG® EQS Sedan

MSRP: $147,500
Range: 277 miles
Acceleration: 3.4 seconds
Power: 649 hp


MSRP: $77,900
Range: 342 miles
Storage: Up to 59 cubic feet
Battery Capacity: 90.6 kWh

Charging Mercedes-Benz All-Electric Vehicles

Charge at Home

There’s no better place to charge your All-Electric Mercedes-Benz than the comfort of your own garage. Safe, convenient, and cost-effective! The Home Flex from ChargePoint can be installed through Qmerit – perfect for you to charge overnight and be ready to go.

Charge on the Go

Mercedes me Charge is the official charging network for Mercedes-Benz All-Electric Models. Using the Mercedes me Connect app on your phone, or through MBUX in your vehicle, you can easily plan out your trips, locate charging stations, and initiate payment at nearly 60,000 public chargers nationwide.

Mercedes-Benz All-Electric Models FAQs

Learn about Frequently Asked Questions regarding charging and related topics.

What's the difference between Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 (DCFC) charging?

Level 1 – Charging at home with a 120-volt circuit, standard electrical outlet. This normally provides 3-5 miles of charging per hour.

Level 2 – Charging with a 240-volt circuit in your home or workplace. This requires professional installation of either a NEMA 14-50 outlet or a hardwired charging station, and can usually refill your EV battery overnight. Qmerit and our certified installers make your Level 2 installation easy, delivering the highest levels of safety and quality at competitive pricing.

Level 3 – Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC) uses a 480-volt DC circuit, and typically provides about an 80% charge in about 30 minutes. These charging stations are generally found at commercial sites such as shopping centers of highway rest areas.

Which charger brands should I consider?

If you would like to upgrade to a Level 2 charging station, we recommend purchasing one of these brands, which all partner with Qmerit to provide trusted installation solutions for their customers:
+ ChargePoint
+ Electrify America
+ Flo
+ JuiceBox
+ wallbox

How much will does a Level 2 installation cost?

Most standard installations range from $750 – $1,750, not including the purchase price of a Level 2 charger (around $500 – $800, depending on the model and its options).

The cost of a standard installation includes the labor, materials, and expertise needed to add a circuit and either install a NEMA 14-50 electrical outlet – or – hardwire your charging station and mount it on your wall.

For standard installation service, your garage must be attached to the home and your electrical panel must have:
+ Sufficient ampacity to handle the new charging station load
+ Enough room to accommodate a new 2-pole breaker

If your home does not meet these requirements, Qmerit will prepare a custom installation.

Does installation include a charging station?

The standard installation cost does not include the purchase price of a Level 2 charger, which runs around $500 – $800. When you purchase a new EV, it usually comes with a charger – either a Level 1 charging cord or a Level 2 charging station. If you want a Level 2 charging station and it is not included with your EV purchase, Qmerit will be happy to provide one for you.

How long does installation take?

A standard installation can generally be completed in half a day. More complex installations – such as those that require trenching or a panel upgrade – may take a bit longer.

Do I need a permit?

Adding a 240-volt electrical appliance – like a Level 2 EV charging station – often requires a permit from your local jurisdiction. Depending on where you live, permitting processes can vary widely, and costs can range from about $50 – $500. In addition to the city permit fee, that cost may include the contractor’s time in creating and presenting documentation to your local building department and inspector.

To simplify the installation experience, your Qmerit-certified installer will handle all required permitting and inspections.

How do I start the installation process?

Go to the EV Charger Installation page on for an overview, then click on the “Get Your Estimate Now” button to begin the simple EV Charging Assessment. There, you’ll answer a few questions about your home, upload a few pictures – and instantly receive an upfront estimate.

How do I schedule an installation?

After you complete the brief EV Charging Assessment, you’ll be matched with one of Qmerit’s certified installers. They will be able to confirm your project scope and installation cost (including any permits). If you approve, you can schedule your installation directly with the installer at your convenience.

Where can I find public charging stations and are there enough where I live?

There are thousands of electric car charging stations all across America, and more are popping up every day. If you’re unsure what’s near you, head to the ChargePoint website. Here you can see all of the charging stations in your area and plan possible trips to see where you can recharge along the way.

What equipment do I need to charge at home?

We recommend installing a Level 2 charger in your home which will allow you to charge much faster than a traditional household wall outlet.

How often do I need to charge and how long does it last?

Every electric vehicle is different. For example, the EQS can go from 10% to 80% in around 30 minutes using a DC fast charging unit (maximum 200kW), and chances are, you will never have to go from empty to full to get where you need to go. In most cases, people charge at home and at work, when their car is parked and they’re busy doing other things.

Are Mercedes-Benz All-Electric Vehicles safe?

All Mercedes-Benz All-electric Vehicles undergo rigorous safety testing, just like their gas-powered counterparts. They are tested in extreme heat and cold, are extensively crash-tested, and are built with inherent safety measures to minimize risk in the event of a collision.

Can I take a Mercedes-Benz All-Electric Vehicle on a road trip?

The common myth is that electric vehicles can only go a short distance. What’s important to remember is that you can typically do all your daily driving (and more) on just one charge. If you want to do a road trip, Mercedes-Benz has partnered with Electrify America for two years of complimentary 30-minute charging sessions. Electrify America has a nationwide network of more than 2,600 DC Fast Chargers and is expanding more as time goes on. To get a better idea, try planning a trip using the trip planner on the Electrify America website.

Do electric vehicles perform as well as gas-powered vehicles?

Yes! In fact, they perform even better in areas like torque and acceleration. Because the drive system is electric as opposed to mechanical, the reaction is instant, without the lag of a typical gas engine. At the same time, electric vehicles are quieter and smoother for a more pleasant driving experience.

Benefits of Mercedes-Benz All-Electric Models

Let’s be honest – Mercedes-Benz is Mercedes-Benz. The Mercedes-Benz All-Electric Models are purely the latest form in this incredible line of vehicles. Whether you’re drawn to the sleek aerodynamics of the EQS Sedan, or the top-tier comfort of the EQB SUV, you’ll love the accustomed responsive power and exceptional features found in the Mercedes-Benz family. Look forward to appreciating these benefits on top of the Mercedes-Benz standard:
+ Zero emissions
+ No smog checks
+ Impressive range
+ Less noise pollution
+ Fewer maintenance costs

Upgrade to Mercedes-Benz All-Electric Models at Mercedes-Benz of San Juan

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